The Warrior Ritual G2 leg pad is now featured at Perani’s Hockey World. This pad is made in Canada and is one of the most innovative pads to come to the market. The G2 has a flat face a single break a flexible boot break and the rounded/bindingless boot. This makes the pad one of the most functional and durable on the market.

To help reduce the pads weight the outer profile was designed very thin from the lower knee to the thigh rise. Another innovative Warrior feature is the Post Wedge panel on the outside edge. This is a 1" thick triangular shaped panel that covers the crack between the goalie's leg and the post. Also the leg channel of the pad has several new characteristics. To begin with the G2 has Warrior's Profile Lock system. This is a heavy duty Velcro tab above the knee lock that allows for customization and set the curvature of pad.

The Ritual G2 leg pads also come with the new G2 pro Knee pads instead of a traditional integrated thigh guard. The calf wraps completely cover the back of the goalie's leg. To help keep the leg pad snug to the goaltenders leg wide elastic straps span the leg channel. The leg channel features a removable/padded pillow allowing for extra protection for the shin. The boot channel is mainly flat and features new Active Response Straps. This removes the need for toe ties or a boot strap.  These dual elastic straps permit the foot and ankle to move freely but also center the pad back to the leg during butterfly recovery.

WARRIOR Ritual G2 Custom Leg Pads- Sr

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