WARRIOR Evo Warp Complete Stick features Warp™ Technology that offers a fully engineered head & pocket that requires absolutely no break-in. The patented LOC-THROAT™ system allows you to simply attach the head & you're ready for the game! The Warp™ Technology helps create a more consistent; accurate release with each pass. Every engineered pocket location whether Low Mid or High provides greater hold & feel that your traditional mesh pocket. The Warp™ pocket is constructed of lightweight all textile fibers (water & weather resistant polypropylene) for durability. Kevlar® sidewall. LOC-THROAT™ eliminates shaft rattle & helps add additional stability. SYM-RAIL™ design keeps the stick light weight & provides for stiffness. TrueOffset® lowers the sidewall for ball control & feel. MADE IN THE USA.

WARRIOR Evo Warp Complete Stick- Attack

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