The Warrior Covert QRL Grip Hockey Stick features Lightning Quick Release which provides an increase in puck release with much greater speed & accuracy. Additionally the Covert QRL Grip Hockey Stick features Minimus Carbon 1000 which is a high strength lightweight flat carbon composite weave design. High modulus flat fiber is extremely lightweight & enhances the QRL's combined construction technologies. Minimus Carbon 1000 makes the Dager Taper III more responsive & maximizes the balance & feel. Dager Taper III is a unique thin & strong hosel profile which creates a low-kick flex for lightning quick-to-release plays. True1 sticks are optimized have a light hosel as well as balance & feel to improve puck handling & control. ProCorTex Grip is a textured surface coupled with a tacky soft grip feel that locks your hand(s) in place for better hand control.

WARRIOR Covert QRL Grip Hockey Stick - Sr

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