The Warrior’s Covert QR5 ice hockey sticks is one of Warriors best stick stick they provide today. They have put hours of research and design collaborating with a leading University to study the true explanation of how hockey sticks store and release energy resulted in answers that led Warrior’s engineers to perfect the design of the Warrior Covert QR5 Grip Composite Stick.

Warrior has accomplished this by adding a Dagger T2 Taper to work with the super low kick this creates a stick that releases the puck from the blade in a mere 89 milliseconds. The stick’s construction utilizes more carbon fiber content resulting in a lighter stick. A soft grip finish coating gives you great control and puck feel. The Warrior Covert QR5 has some of the best features Warrior has to offer but yet has affordable with all the other sticks on the market today!

The Covert QR5 Grip Composite Stick from Warrior has many qualities that hockey players seek in an entry-level stick. Quick release super low kick and a UniSpar blade structure blend as one to give you a lighter stronger stick.

WARRIOR Covert QR5 Grip Ice Hockey Stick- Int

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