The Vaughn VPG XR Pro Carbon Leg Pads feature the new V7 graphic with split front face for more color options a solid inside knee drive block flatter style inner inset firm boot flex for higher stance a solid top outside roll thin front face cushion foam elastic adjustable leg cradle strap HD foam insert over outer ankle Quick replaceable leg straps and an 11” pro width. Pads utilize a lightweight design & construction and additionally feature a single break outside roll full pro core internal padding Extended length inside knee cradle carbon fiber front reinforcement wide knee & leg cradle large coverage calf padding thin profile outer side panel a higher scoop angle a new higher skate strap position a thigh guard with knee cap pre-shapd side profile internal foam pro core padding provides for durability and consistent rebound performance over-squared inner thigh rise for improved five-hole coverage.

• 31+2”
• 32+2”
• 33+2”
• 34+2”
• 35+2”
• 36+2”
• 38”
• Custom sizes are available

VAUGHN VPG XR Pro Carbon Leg Pads – Sr

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