The GX1 goal skate is ergonomically designed to meet the unique bio mechanical needs of a goaltender. Unique patent pending forward pitch boot allows the goaltender to be in an anatomically correct body position for the quickest movements. A wider toe cap helps with fit and keeps the inner edge of the foot and toes from being distorted.

The ankle area features anatomically correct ankle pockets for a precision fit. Large tongue features a base of orthopedic felt with an Ultra-high density molded inner core. Taller side ankle supports are contoured and blend to a rear neoprene comfort color that flexes to allow increased ankle flex.

Full carbon fiber outsole gives the boot added strength. The boot is heat molded and thermoformable for a precision fit. Full toe cap coverage is designed with thicker construction in high impact areas for added protection.

The inner edge features two trim lines so the shell can be customized and trimmed to a lower point for goaltenders that prefer less coverage on the inner areas of the foot. The rear support post is angled so that the bottom leg pad strap sits correctly on the post to prevent excessive wear. The V-shaped front post is designed so that the tie on toe assembly stays properly positioned when tightened. The runner is a stainless steel construction with three attachment points for redundancy and to prevent catastrophic blade (attachment) failure.

VAUGHN GX1 Pro Goal Skate- Sr

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