The new 2000 model leg pad is an all new design for 2014 with several new innovations and performance features. Full knee roll style construction on the pad front surface allows for easy flexibility. Sectioned outside rolls feature a wide profile and have flex segments above and below the knee giving great flexibility. Firm outer edge on the outer rolls provides a firm blocking edge to the pad.

The pad internal's now feature our new Pro Core design. This new design provides a full length and width frontal foam core that keeps the pad consistent in height and width yet still has the foam flex stuffing next to the leg so the pad can fully conform to leg and break-in to the individual’s style of play. This design preserves the incredible feel control and rebound that the Velocity pad is famous for.

The pad front core features a Carbon fiber recoil plate in the knee and upper thigh section. This allows the pad to bend easily but return the pad to shape after it is flexed providing superior pad positioning and performance. Smooth inner pad edge has no exposed binding in the sliding area to give a true faster more controlled slide along the ice. Dual knee straps and movable buckle locations on the upper three straps allows the goaltender to customize the pad strapping to their style to provide added comfort and pad control. The leg cradle is cushioned padded and lined with our proprietary MSH3 material for control and quick pad rotation.

The leg cradle features inside and outer protective pads and with an adjustable center strap that allows variable tension adjustment to fine tune pad rotation. Large wider knee cradle features a double layered elastic adjustment strap that is angled to fit the contours of the knee bend precisely. Large inner knee landing area is extended to give the knee more protection and shock dispersal when contacting the ice. Over squared inside thigh area fills the upper section of the pad to a full 11 inch maximum width and reduces five-hole openings when in a butterfly position. The lightweight design and the new Pro-Pac technology with the carbon fiber recoil plate are all carefully optimized to give the pad light weight with even weight distribution and balance to maximize performance and feel.

VAUGHN 2000 Velocity V6 Goal Pad- Sr

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