TRUE A4.5 Pro Hockey Pant features X-TEC suspension technology with 400 Denier Nylon and Molded PE plastic for protection. Classic fit with an antimicrobial liner. Grommet-structured height adjustment. Flexibility is achieved via Polyester-Nylon stretch gussets that allow for greater flexibility while the padded loop throughout the belt and lace ensures fit. Protection comes via perforated molded polyurethane (PE) plastic shell that protects against hard contacts throughout the hip and kidney areas. The 800 Denier Nylon exterior shell prevents injury in high-abrasion areas while a tactical mesh ripstop helps protect the back leg area. Breathability is achieved via the antimicrobial liner throughout the pant to eliminate odor and bacteria. The tactical mesh ripstop material allows for increased air flow.

This product is built to Professional specifications

TRUE A4.5 Pro Hockey Pant- Sr

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