Regulation hockey goal that is perfect for the pond or the driveway to practice your shot........Who are we kidding I remember growing up driveway hockey with the neighbors. Little Bobby got mad and Marty McSorley'd Timmy across the face. Yeah great times. Kool-aid mustache wearing our sticks to paper thin our parents would have to remind us the street lights were on and time to come in. Raiding the neighbors fridge at lunch. Thanks for taking care of us Johnson's. The Hot Pockets kept us going. Even though I hated the Ham and Cheese. The Hockey Net was paramount to our everyday Summer Schedule. We are Hockey Players and a family until your on the other team then its a no rules get 'em affair. You know this. You need this. Do it for your Kids yourself and great memories.

SUMSUN Pro Goal W/Shooter Tutor- 72"

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