The new "Rink in a Box" retail package is now available. Now families can "Take home the fun" when they purchase a 20 X 40 foot backyard ice rink. NiceRink the leading manufacturer of home and commercial outdoor rink systems is offering this package for an incredibly affordable price. Comes with complete directions and the rink is simple to set up and adapts to uneven ground using the patented NiceRink Bracket System.

INCLUDES everything but the wooden side boards:
34 NiceRink Brackets
1 25' x 45' heavy duty ice rink liner
1 Roll 4" X 25' NiceRink Patch Tape
1 Tube 1oz Underwater Glue
1 NiceRink Logo Puck
1 NiceRink Instruction Booklet & Catalog

Shipping for this product is $70

Product Usually Ships Within 3-7 Business Days. This product can not ship expedited shipping.

NiceRink Outdoor Ice Rink

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