*DISCLAIMER: the Marvel decals may vary in placement and color. For more information please call our customer service line* Masked Marvel Assassin Amateur Goal Mask is handcrafted in North America using materials for fit feel and for the protection you deserve at a price you can afford for a professional-grade goalie mask.

Made to order & custom foam fit to your specifications. Hand-laid carbon fiber woven fiberglass shell with an integrated full layer of Kevlar® throughout with additional reinforcements placed in high impact areas of the forehead chin and ears. Proprietary resin used to create an unparalleled bond between materials to form a durable and rigid shell construction. Smooth carbon fiber finish on interior of shell. Lifetime warranty on shell & back plate. Fully assembled weight is 3 LBS. Cages available in single bar pro cat eye double bar pro cat eye and cheater. Cage cage screws and cage clips are available in powder coatings for a $50 up charge. Stainless steel cage clips and hardware screws. Dual density tan vinyl hypo allergenic foam for fit and comfort. Black terry cloth sweatband. 1” elastic straps come standard on every mask (black or white available). Black or white shell colors are standard. Custom colors are available upon request for a $50 up charge. Padded mask bag included. Custom chin sling available for a $25 up charge.

22 ¼” - 24 ½” best

Masked Marvel Assassin Amateur Goal Mask

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