The Stealth CX ST carries a lot of the same technology as the CX's one-piece construction. Apart from the one-piece construction the CX holds the Stealth CX ST adds in the Micro Bladder which creates maximum compaction for feel and durability. Which this model holds a heavier weight spec for added impact strength and longevity with blade light balance assisting in a pro feel.

The EXO-RIM™ blade construction adds velocity through stability which powers the blade through the puck for an improved faster more powerful shot with improved accuracy. An Extra tough Resin Matrix adds with high impact strength and stretch properties for shaft responsiveness and performance.

A stiffened toe region or the Hypertoe Technology is for a shots that a player would need to adjust to catch a rebound and a quick release shot off of the toe of the blade. We all have had that chance to catch that quick rebound to have it go wide and high when it should have been an empty net easy goal. The stiffness with HyperToe prevents that and helps add to the point column. A Multi-Rib Technology is a Multiple Carbon I-Beam design that creates response and stability throughout the blade.

An Elliptical Profile increases torsional resistance for accuracy and energy transfer. The Carbon Fiber Matrix is a built EC80 formula in this 2-piece construction style stick.

EASTON Stealth CX ST Grip Hockey Stick- Jr

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