You're the guy who gets to the locker room before the rest of the team to write the words of wisdom on the chalkboard. The same guy who is early to practice and late to leave. The same guy whose teammates are eager to please and scared to let down. The same guy who opposing teams scout as "dangerous" and "game changer." You'll bleed to get the win you'll cry when you lose. Fans idolize you the competition fears you and your coach wishes he had 9 more of you on the field. Because when you're down by 1 with under a minute left and all you can hear is 50 000 screaming fans you don't hide on the crease. You want the ball in your stick to make the play you've run over and over in your head. Your team naturally turns to you your coach doesn't even need to say what to do. You already know because you are Clutch.

Brine Clutch Lacrosse Head- Black

    Perani's HockeyWorld
    $ 5.00