The Brian's Netzero Leg Pads are a butterfly style pad that consists of a Full Flat Face with the flat face design it provides improved rebound predictability and control for the goaltender. Super lightweight at 80oz. using High Density and Low Density foam construction. 

The double break outer roll provides more flex while Four(4) Ankle flexes equipped with three(3) knee flexes and three(3) thigh flexes allow the pad to be ultra mobile in any position keeping tight to the post or the ice while in any position. A plus one sizing assists the goaltender in a closed 5-hole and is located in the thigh riser. Elastic knee straps hold the pad in place while Brian's elite smart strap technology is used in the shin straps allowing easy quick changes without referee timeout.

A 80° Toe Taper that comes stock to the leg pad provides more on ice coverage and a better seal top to bottom. The Square double break in the outer roll equipped with the “S” profile provides an even flex and less resistance against the players ligaments and tendons. This allows the goalie assurance going into and out of butterfly or other blocking styles. The thin profile with bindingless top thigh rise consists of a cushioned nylon leg channel with an 11” pad width in the Senior model.

A full Nylon constructed knee cradle is for durability and a thigh guard offers a laced feature. The Pad is standard white and also accepts the custom color kits for customization.(Custom Color Kits not included)

This pad does not come with thigh pads.

BRIAN'S NetZero Leg Pads- Sr

    Perani's HockeyWorld
    $ 5.00