The BioSteel Sports™ Advanced Recovery Formula is the new standard in post-workout nutrition. Featuring the Bio-Pro and Bio-Gen tri-phasic systems the BioSteel Sports™ ARF delivers the most potent post-workout formula available. 

Bio-Gen (Glycogen Re-Loading Formula)

BioSteel Sports™ has pioneered the incredible new Bio-Gen formula designed to rapidly re-load and replenish the muscles with glycogen following intense exercise. Our unique blend of complex and simple carbohydrates in their healthiest and purest forms offers the best combination of health and performance benefits. Utilizing a unique blend of the highest quality and most bio-available post-workout carbohydrate sources available Bio-Gen is able to enter into the bloodstream and begin to immediately repair and rebuild the muscle after intense training.
Bio-Pro (Protein Matrix)
BioSteel Sports™ protein blend utilizes three unique individual proteins each with varying digestive rates and distinct amino acid profiles. This combination ensures that following your intense workouts or games your muscles receive fuel immediately and continue to be flooded with growth generating and muscle repairing nutrients throughout the recovery period.
Recovery Complex

BioSteel Sports™ Recovery Complex provides a potent dose of key amino acids that the body craves after periods of exercise. BioSteel’s proprietary blend of the highest quality amino acids are designed to repair muscle damage enhance lean muscle gain improve immune function and reduce the effects of exercise induced stress.
Safe & Anti-Doping Compliant
Every production lot of BioSteel Sports™ ARF undergoes comprehensive testing from an accredited lab and prestigious banned substance screening program with WADA and Anti-Doping experience. Several hundred Professional and Olympic athletes using BioSteel's ARF over the last 6 years have undergone hundreds of random drug tests all without incident.

BIO STEEL Advanced Recovery Formula- 3lb

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