BAUER Vapor X900 Lite Grip Hockey Stick (2018) weighs in at 425 grams and features QRT Technology that's been designed for quick release. The thin taper helps improve recoil speed keeping energy in the lower part of the shaft. Low kick point. 3 000 strands of 3K carbon fiber are woven together for additional durability and performance on the shaft. MAXBALANCE technology features re-inforced edges and carbon fiber placement for improved balance. BIMAX 3K Carbon Fiber wrap interlocks for additional strength. Fused 2-piece construction (Paddle & Shaft are fused together). R3 resin provides greater durability and works with carbon fibers to improve energy transfers during plays.

BAUER Vapor X900 Lite Grip Hockey Stick- Sr '18

    Perani's HockeyWorld
    $ 5.00