BAUER Vapor 1X Lite Grip Hockey Stick (2018) weighs in at 399 grams and features QRT Plus Technology that's designed for quick release shots. Thin taper improves recoil speed keeping energy in the lower part of the shaft. Low Kick point. Reinforced fibers for improved stability and for better one-timers and passing control. TeXtreme® helps manage the stress placed on the blade & shaft to create a lightweight responsive and durable stick. Advanced Carbon Layering (ACL) uses thinner stronger internal carbon fiber layers on the blade wrap. Monocomp helps maximize the energy transfer from handle to blade. True 1-piece construction. ELASTech stops cracks from spreading once they occur & keeps the stick feeling newer longer.

BAUER Vapor 1X Lite Grip Hockey Stick- Jr '18

    Perani's HockeyWorld
    $ 5.00