The Bauer Supreme TotalONE MX3 Hockey Sticks are the premier offering from the third generation Bauer Supreme Line. The MX3 Stick features Supreme's signature Amplified Mid Kick Point that provides one of the most powerful shots in all of hockey. Bauer utilized their new PowerSense 2 Blade Core Technology that provides excellent puck feel and squeezes every drop of power out of big booming shots.

Bauer's Blade Sense Layer Technology dates back to the Vapor APX2 stick but this new material is directly integrated into the MX3's blade instead of being applied like a secondary layer that adds undesirable weight. The Sense Layer significantly increases puck feel giving the blade more dampening properties but the main reason for this new addition is that it helps the puck to fully load up the Supreme MX3's shaft providing maximum power. This works perfectly with the signature Amplified Mid Kick Point that uses a stiffer lower shaft near the blade that softens near the middle of the shaft maximizing energy output with minimal effort.

The Bauer Supreme MX3's shaft is constructed of the premier TeXtreme® Carbon Fiber that is 20% lighter and 20% stronger than traditional carbon fiber. Bauer used their Monocomp Construction Process which is a true one-piece molding process that makes for an extremely precise and consistent final product. To keep the stick feeling newer longer; The MX3 Stick has the eLASTech Resin System that is 56% tougher than traditional resin because of the micro-nanotube reinforcements found throughout the stick.

BAUER Supreme TotalOne MX3 Composite Stick- Jr

    Perani's HockeyWorld
    $ 5.00