The Bauer Speed Plate™ is an Industry Leading proprietary technology the Bauer Speed plate features a recovery alloy that provides the player with a revolutionary customized fit for the entire foot. The precision fit allows the skate to become part of the foot enabling the player to achieve optimized balance and stability resulting in higher top end speed and ultimate efficiency.

The Bauer Speed Plate™ features a full length recovery Alloy Technology for on-the-spot customized balance fitting. A mid-density top foam covering in high impact landing zones provide a smoother more comfortable fit accelerating the players speed and stride. The Easy trim and fit with cut-line indicator provides the player to customize to their correct length. The Thermo-chromatic print applications is for easy customized guidelines. The grip applications for foot stability and reduced slippage allow the players foot to stay in place during play.

BAUER Speed Plate Insoles- Sr

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