Whether they're already skating circles around you or stepping up to the blue line the first time nothing makes hockey more accessible and fun than the right equipment. The new Prodigy line from Bauer is designed specifically with that in mind. Born from Bauer's deep knowledge of hockey the Prodigy line meets the needs of today's young players and their parents. Lightweight adjustable and built specifically for youth the Prodigy line gives your child the confidence to grow into the game while enjoying every moment- Right from the start-Prodigy. 

The Bauer Prodigy® Helmet combo features a shell adjustment for optimal fit quick release attachments for ease of use and a dual density foam liner providing optimal protection for the youth player. The Helmet and facemask uses four positioned j-clips and adjustable top clips with quick release top clips. A Dual Ridge Crown is used as a stronger level of protection from slips and falls and the helmet is CSA HECC CE Certified. The overall fit is a two-piece adjustable shell and tool-free adjustment.

Bauer Prodigy Hockey Helmet Combo- Yth

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