Falling in Love with a Hockey Bag

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Organization is not my strong suit. Normally, I’m stuffing my gear in my bag right before stepping out the door. As a hockey player, I’ve tried several different types of bags. I started with the Easton Backpack (with WHEELS!), moved to a giant no-name duffle bag, and had a two year love affair with the Warrior Pro Carry bag. Warrior makes an excellent hockey bag. I picked up a $90 bag for $50 because it was last year's model and likely due to the fact that it was navy blue and not the most popular color in the world. I still have the Warrior Pro Carry, but there’s a new love in my life.

Pacific Rink

Aside from knowing them as the bohemian / hipster hockey bag company I didn’t

know what to think. If you want to know more, I suggest you visit them. I thought their logo was cool and their product quality seemed extremely high, but so were their prices.

Last Christmas, my incredibly generous wife gave me The Player Bag (™) - The Ultimate Hockey Bag. I had to admit, as thankful as I was for such an amazing gift, I was worried about being judged. The bag retails for $219 (on the high end of all hockey bags), and knowing hockey players, anyone walking into the locker room with the fancy new expensive gear looks like a tremendous poser.

Let me tell you, from the moment I loaded my gear into this bag, my life as a hockey player changed. If you have a player who forgets skates, elbow pads, or even their jock (or jill, as the case may be) this bag is the solution. There’s a French cooking term, ‘mise en place’ which means ‘putting in place’. It refers to the art of perfect placement and creates an environment where the best and most enjoyable work can be done. The Pacific Rink Player Bag is the hockey embodiment of this term.

From the Skate holders (which also accommodate water or shampoo bottles), to the detachable dry bag for post-skate laundry, dual-access storage compartment on the top of the bag, Pacific Rink listened intently to every hockey player’s wish list for perfect storage and included them in their design. The Player bag gives you all the advantages of a ‘tower’ hockey bag but is still maneuverable enough to get in and out of both the car and the rink without injury.

Originally, I was sensitive to the price of this item, but after experiencing the design alone, I knew this bag was a value at any price. I’m pleased to report; however, that in the months of near constant use (I play 5-6 times / week) since I received this gift, the bag still looks brand new. I’ve had equipment bags whose straps would fray, zippers would break, and mesh would tear within the first 30 days. This road warrior is made from such incredibly durable materials, that I’ll be surprised if I ever HAVE to buy another. I am looking forward to my next Pacific Rink purchase though, if for no other reason than the fact that I’ll have the chance to buy another color (I love the black but they’re other colors are so cool looking, they’re hard to resist).

Bottom line: If you need a new bag, don’t wait for a ‘bargain’. You rarely win out and over the course of two years you’ll wind up spending $200 on multiple bags (and likely another $40 on duct tape keeping the thing held together). Save up, buy a Pacific Rink Player Bag and fall in love with your hockey bag.

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