WARRIOR Fantom QRE Grip Hockey Stick- Sr

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<img src="https://www.hockeyworld.com/static/images/banners/fantomQRE_90day.jpg" alt="Fantom QRE / Limited Release. 360 Grams. 90 Day Extended Warranty. Shop Now."/><br><br>WARRIOR Fantom QRE Grip Hockey Stick features Enigma Carbon, or more specifically, a 25k flat weave carbon fiber. The Fantom QRE offers a new angular Edge Taper that helps drive energy through the hosel for a quick release. Unique geometry helps improve response, provide stability, and strength in the hosel. The TRUE 1 Shadow Feel is the strongest true 1-piece construction created to date. The True 1 Shadow construction helps create a well-balanced shaft and enhances feel during gameplay.

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