WARRIOR Dynasty Compression Jock Pant- Sr

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The Warrior Dynasty Compression Jock Pant is made from 84% Polyester and 16% Spandex creating a compression fit. Using the WarTech QuickWick Technology Warrior Hockey has created a faster way to keep dry. The WarTech FNC keeps the bacteria level low so the garment does not build up the hockey odors. The use of Wartech AC keeps the player cooler during play.<br><br> The internal ABS plastic cup adds soft edges for additional comfort. A plush waistband with a “Hockey Fit” back rise so your shorts wont ride down during play and includes mesh inserts for breathability. The low profile hook and loop with aggressive hold is for minimal sock slippage. The very comfort and well design pant is perfect for the hockey player needing an all-in-one pant jock system that offers a compression style fit.

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