TRUE X Core5.0 ACF Hockey Stick- Sr

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Accuracy. Control. Feel. TRUE X Core5.0 ACF Hockey Stick is ideal for players seeking a blend of accuracy, puck control, and durability. The X Core5.0 ACF has a matte grip finish on both shaft & hosel. Shaft features square corner double concave shaping for greater grip.<br><br><strong><u>Accuracy</u></strong><br>&#8226; XCORE blade technology produces on average 30% more puck spin on contact for more precision and accuracy<br><br><strong><u>Control</u></strong><br>&#8226; Compressible urethane insert at the core of the blade helps cradle the puck during stick handling and affords players greater puck control<br><br><strong><u>Feel</u></strong><br>&#8226; Vibration-dampening system in the blade and shaft provide lightweight performance and feel while maximizing absorbency and overall rebound control<br>

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