TRUE A6.0 SBP Hockey Pant- Sr

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TRUE A6.0 SBP Hockey Pants have been made for players seeking a classic-fitting hockey pant but with added protection and increased movement. Featuring X-TEC Suspension Technology, 800 Denier Nylon construction, and Molded PE Plastic. Classic fit. Antimicrobial Liner. Grommet-structured height adjustment.<br><br><strong><u>Player Benefits</u></strong><br>&#8226; Flexibility: Polyester-Nylon stretch gussets provide greater flexibility while the padded loop throughout the belt and lace helps ensure a proper fit.<br><br><strong><u>Protection</u></strong><br>&#8226; Perforated molded polyurethane (PE) plastic shell helps protect against hard contact throughout the hip and kidney area(s). The 800 Denier Nylon exterior shell helps prevent injury in high-abrasion areas while the tactile mesh ripstop helps protect the back leg area(s).

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