Smart Hockey Training Puck

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The Smart Hockey Training puck is the newest addition to SmartHockey&reg; Training Systems used by pro, collegiate, and junior level players across North America and Europe for off-ice skill development.<br><br>The Smart Hockey Training Puck helps players develop a “feel” for the puck and to develop soft hands for increased stickhandling, shooting, and passing. Puck is designed to simulate weight, bounce, slide, and contact height of an ice hockey puck so players may easily transition from off-ice training to on-ice play without a noticeable difference between the two.<br><br>The “Stay Flat,” core technology featured in this puck design features a 5-piece counteractive ballast that ensures puck will replicate the action of an on-ice puck. The 1-piece cut-resistant outer Surlyn shell compresses the same way a rubber ice hockey puck does on impact so players may shoot this puck as hard as they want without fear of breakage. Weighing in at 5.6 ounces (159 grams), the physics considers the incremental weight caused by the friction of off-ice training surfaces simulating the weight of a 6 oz puck. The inertia of the inner ballast combined with the Surlyn shell allows the puck to slide as quickly as a puck slides on any analogous ice surface and mimics the bounce of vulcanized rubber.

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