REEBOK 28K Pump Hockey Skate- Jr

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The 28K pump skate from Reebok takes the High end Ribcor model and scales it down to make it a more affordable skate while still including some of the same features found in the top end model. With a similar look and fit as the Ribcor, the 28K also includes the same SpeedBlade + 4.0 holder which increases your turning radius by up to 10% for the most aggressive angle of attack in ice hockey.<br><br> This skate also includes the SpeedBlade stainless steel runner which provides a long-lasting edge that remains sharp for longer periods. This equates to less time spent sharpening skates. The 28K skates feature the same 7mm felt & EVA foam tongue found on the more expensive 30K version. The Fiberglass composite outsole is vented and provides a stiff platform to build the skate boot on. This helps to provide excellent energy transfer from the foot to the ice.<br><br> Reebok is the only skate manufacturer in the industry that offers Pump technology which allows for a personalized fit. This custom fit equates into a better stride for more power and speed.

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