MAVERIK MX 2022 Lacrosse Glove- Sr

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MAVERIK MX 2022 Lacrosse Glove is engineed utilizing the same principles of fit, feel, and protection that has made Maverik gloves the preference of elite athletes across the sport of Lacrosse. The MX will also help new players reach their highest potential. Built with a traditional profile and additional volume in the fingers and back of hand (It's not too tight, and not too loose). Dual density foam manages impact in key areas across the thumb and back of hand. SHARK GEL inserts along the thumb for increased impact protection. Flowcool venting on the back of hand allows heat to disperse. Magnetic cuff eliminates Velcro snags. Nash palms with breaks in the thumb to improve dexterity and control. Isolated wrist cuff for increased protection.

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