HockeySled On-Ice Training Tool

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<p>The on-ice model weighs less then 8 pounds when empty for easy transport. Made from very durable plastic, same plastic and process used to make plastic sea kayaks. To increase resistance and control-ability, the HockeySled has a very durable rubber textured bottom.&nbsp; Select the resistance level by how much water you add to the HockeySled. When completely full, you have 50 pounds of resistance. Engage the HockeySled with any standard hockey stick. Insert the blade of your hockey stick into the center channel, get strong on your stick, get low and use your inside edges of your skates to push the HockeySled forward. This center channel design allows for easy transfers from hockey player to player. Pushing the HockeySled builds all the major hockey muscles (wrists, forearms, upper body, core, quadriceps and hamstrings) to increase top-end speed, first step quickness, transition power, strength on-and-off the puck and improves your balance and posture.</p> <ul> <li><strong>Check out the training video on the Features Tab! </strong> <br /></li> </ul>

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