BRIAN'S Sub Zero 7.0 Leg Pads – Sr

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The BRIANS Subzero 7.0 Leg Pads are a Pro Spec Pad that feature a laceless face design with a single knee break and Velcro™ Knee Pad Attachment for the Pro II Knee Pad. An 80° standard toe taper allows for a seamless comfort around the toe and goaltenders skate. The Ridgid Thigh rise is for improved butterfly coverage. The Subzero 7.0 includes the BRIANS Smart Strap system for tightening or loosing the pad on the fly. The Angled Outer Vertical Roll assists the goalie when in the butterfly position and sliding from post to post. A Max sized knee cradle and stack allow comfort adding protection and the max value for pad width. Standard Colorways are available in the 2016 BRIANS Pads.

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