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The Brian's Gnetik goal pad offers Pro Spec Construction in a lightweight pad that offers superior performance. Internal knee rolls allow the pad to flex at the knee while keeping a lightweight non-shrinking core. E Foam is lighter weight than traditional materials leg pads are being built with. A new innovative knee wrap system provides a comfortable, streamlined feel with the thigh guard system.<br><br> This pad comes with a standard 80 degree standard toe taper for puck deflection. A squared outer roll provides a larger look and minimizes puck skip over. The thigh area has been thinned allowing for a complete seal to the ice to eliminate any pucks sliding under the pad. Brian's Smart strapping system comes standard for more progressive goalies while the traditional straps are still included for those more traditional goalies. Swapping out straps is a breeze.<br><br> The Gnetik pads utilize completely new technology for the flexing of the pads. Instead of traditional breaks, this pad flexes from the inside out providing a more natural feel. Try on an a pad that makes if feel like an extension of your leg not a pad strapped to your leg with a pair of the new Brian's Gnetik goal pads.<br><br>

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