Box Hockey Game & Hockey Training Aid

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Box Hockey is a(n) exhilaratingly fun 1-on-1 game that anybody can play! It's the perfect addition to any event, party, or get-together, and it always breaks-the-ice with high-energy fun & excitement! Additionally, Box Hockey will provide a complete total-body workout while helping to promote:<br><br>&#8226; Physical Fitness<br>&#8226; Hand/Eye Coordination<br>&#8226; Aerobic & Cardio Conditioning<br>&#8226; Overall Physical Conditioning<br>&#8226; Muscle Development<br>&#8226; Motor Skill Development<br>&#8226; Social Interaction & Inclusion<br>&#8226; Helps Fight Obesity<br>&#8226; Active Play Burns Calories<br><br>Box Hockey&trade; brings Intense Fast Action, High-Energy Fun & Excitement to your game room, basement, backyard, and more.

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