BAUER Supreme ONE.9 Goal Skate- Jr

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Check out the new Bauer Supreme ONE.9 goalie skates. You will not be able to find a better skate for the current price. The boot features a shorter cut side that helps relieve pressure on the outside edge. To help provide more support and protection, the boot is 1/2" taller. Goalies will become more mobile from side to side inside the net. Further more, the skates tongue is taller on one side to avoid twisting, and also features pro felt to help with lace bite. To help maintain comfort throughout your skate, the ankle is made with softer foams and the sole of the boot is lined with comfort foam. The new VERTEXX 2.0 cowling has removable and replaceable LS2 stainless steel. This feature allows you to change steel without replacing the entire cowling. The LS2 is a higher quality steel then previous models allowing for a longer lasting edge.

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