BAUER Supreme 180 Griptac Hockey Stick- Jr

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The Bauer Supreme 180 Grip Hockey Sticks are packed with high-quality features like the Aero-Foam 3 Blade Core and the Premium 12K Carbon Fiber Shaft. The Supreme 180 Stick features the same basic blade core as the flagship MX3, minus the additional Sense Layer. The Premium 12K Carbon Fiber Shaft construction features a lightweight design that's 10% stronger than traditional 3K carbon fiber. The Aero-Foam 3 Core has a dampened puck feel that increases puck contact time, which works hand in hand with the Mid Kick Flex Profile for explosive shot power. To ensure top notch accuracy, Bauer used their Pure Shot Blade Profile that reinforces the blade and shaft's connection point so that the blade's face stays true to the target on booming shots. For an overall better lightweight and balanced design, the Bauer Supreme 180 Stick showcases a 3K carbon blade wrap.

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