BAUER Supreme 170 Griptac Stick- Jr

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The Bauer Supreme sticks can be your best friends if you are looking to make a shot and keep the goalie guessing.<br><br>Coming in just under the Supreme 180 is the Supreme 170, this is the little brother who still brings you some power and durability. Constructed with premium carbon-composite material for added durability with a strong flex profile the Supreme 170 offers square double concave shaft dimensions for a true feel every time you grip the stick. The added GripTac material on the finish of the stick allows for even truer realistic feel.<br><br> The Aero Foam 1 blade core improves balance and core stability while keeping the weight down. The blade is also wrapped with 3k carbon-composite material, adding durability. The mid-kick point allows for you to unload your shots with a powerful recoil.

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