ALKALI RPD Visium 2+ Roller Hockey Skate- Jr

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The ALKALI RPD Visium 2+ Roller Hockey Skate features ultra light quarter construction with additional stiffness, 100% heat moldability, and increased energy return and improved impact resistance. Alkali Pro+ Roller Last is a wider last for increased width and comfort. Comfort Edge upper ankle pads. Flexible tendon guard for maximum range of motion and proper stride extension. Maximum Carbon Fiber Transfer outsole with low profile wheel channels. Strategically located wear patches. Actvwick Hydrophobic anti-slip moisture wicking internal liner. Perforated Pro Tongue. HD thermoformable lace bite tongue insert. Movement Magnesium Chassis provides a quicker turning radius, better balance, and increased power transfer. Labeda Millenium Wheels. Swiss Lite 608 bearings.

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