ALKALI COMP + Roller Hockey Skate- Sr

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<strong>ALKALI COMP + Roller Hockey Skate- Sr</strong><br><br>Alkali Comp+ Roller Hockey Skate features a new, lightweight quarter construction that has additional stiffness, is 100% heat moldable, and improves your overall comfort. <br><br> Alkali Pro Roller Last allows the foot to fit properly while providing more room for the forefoot. There is also a larger comfort edge on the upper ankle pads, a Three-piece ventilated 7mm felt tongue, and a Tac-Lite internal liner.<br><br> Maximum Power Transfer composite outsole with low profile wheel channels help keep your center of gravity low. <br><br> A movement extruded and stamped chassis helps provide a quicker turning radius, better balance, and increased power transfer.<br><br> The Comp+ additionally features Labeda RPG wheels and ABEC 9 608 bearings.

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